Orange County ADHD On The Rise

Orange County ADHD On The Rise

The Rise of Orange County ADHD

I have been blessed with the opportunity to help with Orange County ADHD symptoms in adults and children for over 18 years. While this is been a very rewarding thing to be able to do, I have seen, and continue to see, a very disturbing trend. That is, that the occurrence of Orange County ADHD is increasing. This is confirmed by recent statistics from the United States Center for Disease Control.  Some of this is, no doubt, due to improved recognition of orange county ADHD symptoms, understanding of what is ADHD, and increased ADHD testing for this disorder in schools and in society at large.  Therefore, ADHD is diagnosed more. However, some of that increased occurrence of Orange County ADHD represents a real increase in the number of children and adults with ADHD.

Dr. Claire McCarthy, a correspondent with the Boston Globe, and herself a mother of children with ADHD, in her recent article “Scary New Statistics about ADHD” addresses Orange County ADHD adeptly.  She cites that while there is an abundance of kids with ADHD taking medications, studies show that taking medications doesn’t necessarily help kids academically.  Specific therapies that help ADHD kids perform better academically and behaviorally, both at home and in the school environment, is what is needed.  Neurofeedback is the most successful of these therapies at accomplishing this, and is second only to medication as the most popular form of treatment for this disorder.  Neurofeedback is a one-time only ADHD treatment and accomplishes this without any of the unwanted side effects or rigors of medication.

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It is also important to see the bigger picture of the effects of ADHD on the life of those individuals with this disorder.  ADHD is often thought of only as a childhood or a “school” disorder. Sadly, this is far from true.  In the vast majority of individuals with ADHD, the disorder causes significant problems that negatively shape adulthood and to a large degree determine the happiness of the adult individual.  Due to the behavioral and/or ”paying attention” problems, Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms have a detrimental effect on the stability and quality of relationships, both with peers, and as a parent. Furthermore, in the workplace for these individuals, instability, stagnation, frustration, and lack of promotions are major problems. Increased alcohol and drug abuse is often seen and there is an increased suicide risk.  An increase in anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems are seen as well. One last frightening statistic that has to be noted, is that approximately 70% of the people in prison are diagnosed with this disorder.

Treating Orange County ADHD

ADHD is clearly not just a childhood disorder but a “life” disorder. It is true that the loss of the knowledge base, damage to self-image, and the loss of the ability or desire to attend college or advanced training of any type, are rooted in the classroom. They also clearly shape adulthood. When these problems are combined with the other adult problems caused by Orange County ADHD, you have a roadblock to a successful and happy life that is simply too big for a parent to ignore. Upon the completion of neurofeedback treatment, a parent normally sees an improvement of at least two grade levels (F’s to C’s… C’s to A’s), a significant decrease in homework time, and a significant improvement in behavior both at school and at home. The improvement in their Orange County ADHD symptoms and life outcome is immeasurable.

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