Parent-Teacher Conferences for Children in Orange County with ADHD Symptoms

Parent-Teacher Conferences for Children in Orange County with ADHD Symptoms

Parent-Teacher Conferences for Children in Orange County with ADHD Symptoms

— Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

Having been in the field of helping children and parents with school related problems, and also having worked closely with teachers for over 18 years, I have learned a few things about parent-teacher conferences. Typically, this is the time of year for these conferences for children (some with ADHD symptoms) in and around Orange County, and for some, they may have recently taken place. These conferences should be seen as a rich opportunity to build understanding and communication between the home and school. Due to budget shortfalls and increasing multiculturalism, teachers are under pressure and overworked. Many parents are also pressed for time, have lingering negative impressions from their own school years, and are, particularly if their child is struggling, apprehensive about what will be discussed during the conference.  What follows are some tips to help make the conference go better.

Tips for Parents of Children in Orange County (with or without ADHD Symptoms), and the Parent-Teacher Conferences They Face

It’s best to schedule your conference as soon as possible after you get the notice and within the time blocks allotted (you’ll get better choices). Arrive on time or you’ll forfeit important parts of your time and miss key information. Thank the teacher for their time, as it does for you, appreciation goes a long way to help you and your child. Do not bring toddlers or babies, they are too big a distraction. Leave your personal problems at home unless they directly affect your child’s school experience.

Bring prioritized questions with you to the conference, and make sure they are not already covered in informational packets sent home. Prior to the meeting, discuss it with your child. Find out what they like-dislike and struggle-excel at. Ask them what they think would make the school day go better. Some good questions  are “Has my child completed assignments regularly?” and “How does my child handle taking tests”.  Other good questions may include “Have you noticed any changes in my child’s behavior during the year?”, “What areas academically, and in terms of attitude, do they need extra help in at home?” and “What is my child like during the day?”.

If your child is struggling academically and/or with their behavior, or if they seem isolated, you or their teacher may bring this up. This is a good thing to talk about. As parents we can often be defensive and in denial as to these problems and their possible causes. Remember both you and the teacher are there as your child’s advocates. Be open to this discussion, as it can only help your child.

Problems In School?  You May Have A Child With ADHD Symptoms

Often these problems are caused by ADHD (Attention Deficit With/Without Hyperactivity Disorder) or other learning disabilities. Many parents of children with ADHD symptoms in Orange County believe that medication is the only treatment for this disorder and avoid the appropriate ADHD testing and/or treatment, because they understandably fear the side effects and rigors associated with it. There is, however, an effective alternative to this scenario.

Solutions for Children with ADHD Symptoms in Orange County

An alternative solution to medication is Neurofeedback: an effective, drug free, painless procedure in which a child learns to re-train the attention mechanisms of their brain, alleviating the condition. Once training is complete, no further treatment is necessary.

For more information about what is ADHD, Attention Deficit Symptoms, and ADHD Treatment, please see the following video and/or website:

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