Back to School in Orange County… ADHD-Testing for and Treating Symptoms

Back to School in Orange County… ADHD-Testing for and Treating Symptoms

Dr. Stephen Ferrari

There are so many nice things to do in the summertime in orange county, and it is so nice to be outdoors, that for many children getting back into the school routine can be difficult. However, by this time, that adjustment should be pretty well made. That is, of course, unless there is something else causing your child to struggle. With this unique environment we have here, it can be difficult to tell whether these struggles, these orange county ADHD symptoms, are coming from another cause, or are in fact, orange county ADHD.

Children with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) struggle under a unique handicap. It is a neurological disorder that, untreated, typically persists throughout life, creating difficulties both in school and later on in the work place and in relationships.

The degree of ADD a person has typically remains the same over time, however it often seems to get worse over the years. This occurs for three important reasons. First, as each advancing school year increases in the intellectual and behavioral demands it makes on the student, the attention and /or behavior problems caused by this disorder become more and more apparent.

Secondly, each school year builds on the foundation of the preceding years. If a child’s attention and/or behavioral problems interfere with the learning of this foundational material, it becomes increasingly difficult, each year, to master the required material. Tutoring may help, however that learning is also hampered by this disorder, and it is often a catch-up effort that never quite manages to sufficiently fill the gap.

Finally, and in some ways most importantly, is the matter of self-image. The child who suffers under these deficits usually forms a self-image of being “not too smart” (the opposite is true, most children with ADD have a higher than average intelligence) and/or a “trouble-maker”. Children (as well as adults) have a tendency to “act out “ or to fulfill their self-image. The longer they live under that self-image the stronger it becomes, and performance and behavior often deteriorate accordingly.

Since all of these factors can make the problem worse with each passing year, if your child, or a child you know has or is suspected of having ADD it is imperative to have them evaluated and/or treated as soon as possible.

One method of treatment is Neurofeedback, an effective, drug free, painless procedure in which the child learns to re-train the attention mechanisms of their brain, alleviating the condition. Once training is completed, no further treatment is necessary.

This problem being resolved, and free of orange county ADHD symptoms… will allow your beautiful child more time to enjoy our great outdoors…no matter what part of southern California you live in.

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