Answers to Questions about Disorders Treated Through Neurofeedback

Answers to Questions about Disorders Treated Through Neurofeedback

As a psychologist specializing in Neurofeedback (EEG-Biofeedback) for over 20 years, I’ve heard many questions regarding Neurofeedback treatment.  Here is one of the most frequent and important ones:

“What disorders do you treat with Neurofeedback?”

Since there are several disorders that we treat in our practice, let me list them separately, and say a few words about each.  While each treatment is different, all treatments require thirty sessions, of 30 minutes each.  A minimum of one session per week is necessary.

ADHD:  A very effective treatment that completely corrects the disorder.  Summer is an excellent time to undergo treatment, as children’s, and often parent’s schedules are more flexible.

Learning Disorders:  A program that treats a wide variety of Learning Disorders.  Results in great improvement in both the school and workplace environment.

Chronic Anxiety:  This program brings anxiety to within appropriate levels.  It is also very effective in treating panic attacks or acute anxiety episodes.

Chronic Depression: A treatment that returns the frequency of depression, and the degree of depression experienced, to within normal limits.

Sleep Disorders: The quality and quantity of sleep we experience plays a very significant role in determining our state of physical and emotional well-being.  In addition, our ability to perform mentally and physically, the level of energy we have, our susceptibility to diseases, and indeed even our life span, are greatly determined by the nature of our sleep levels and experience.  Correcting sleep disorders and improving the quality and quantity of sleep one experiences through the sleep disorder program affects all aspects of our life.

Peak Performance Training:  A program that develops superior mental ability for optimal performance.

Improved abilities include:

–  Improved Concentration

– Better Organization

– Accelerated Thought Process

– Increased Workplace Performance and Satisfaction

– Improved Communication in Relationships

– Increased Scholastic Interest

– Improved Grades

– Faster Homework Completion

– Enhanced Sense of Well-Being

– Increased Confidence

Neurofeedback is an effective, drug and side effect free, painless treatment in which the patient learns to retrain the brain and alleviate the condition.  Once treatment is completed, no further sessions are needed.  Both adults and children are good candidates for neurofeedback treatment.

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