A Fresh New Start In School For ADD Families – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

A Fresh New Start In School For ADD Families – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

A Fresh New Year

This has been the season of bells. Bells have been ringing to celebrate the Birth of Christ, Hanukah, and the start of an untarnished New Year. Bells are also ringing us back to school in a new year. Is it a return that you dread? If so, read on.


As with all things new, a new year gives us an opportunity for things to be fresh, different, better. For ADD families it can be an opportunity to leave behind old ways of trying to cope with a problem that don’t work, and adopting a new solution that does.

This can be the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf, and discard old ineffective strategies such as arguing, supplements, threats, false optimism, medications, and constant parental struggles.

Parents can often be frozen into inaction regarding attention deficit disorder by fear of the side effects and rigors of medication, well wishing (“he or she will grow out of it”), denial of the problem, or a desire to avoid conflict.

While they are hoping that the problem will go away, it is actually getting steadily worse. A child’s deteriorating self-image and weakened academic foundation (each year builds on the previous year) often combine for a steady decline.

A fresh start, a chance to be free from the past, is what is needed. A fresh start usually can be relatively easily obtained for a change that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Attention Deficit Disorder’s symptoms (inattention, and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity) are neurological in basis, and can be corrected through a type of neurological re-training.

Neurofeedback. is an effective, drug-free, painless procedure in which the child learns to re-train the attention mechanisms of the brain, alleviating the condition. Once training is completed, no further treatment is necessary.

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