Maximum Performance for Children With ADD – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

Maximum Performance for Children With ADD – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

In keeping with the spirit of health and optimizing our capabilities, let’s talk a little about maximizing performance (and enjoyment) for children with ADD.

We have found that a three-pronged approach to this matter usually works best.

The most obvious way to accomplish this would be to correct the disorder completely. Many parents feel that this cannot be done, are opposed to the side effects and rigors of lifelong medication, or are afraid of the stigma that labeling a child with this disorder often brings. In most cases, ADD can be corrected and all of the above concerns avoided. More on that later.

Secondly, a specific approach in dealing with the school should be adopted. Parents of children who struggle with ADD often (somewhat understandably) avoid contact with the school, dread parent-teacher conferences, and may have resigned themselves to this situation as inevitable. What actually works best and is less painful is a proactive approach. The parent who takes the initiative in helping the teacher work with their child usually assures particularly positive, patient, and focused attention for their child. This not only protects the child’s self-esteem (all important), but can also help secure whatever special accommodations or assistance the child needs. Helping the teacher a little with the class, staying in frequent contact with and being supportive of the teacher will go a long way to help their child.

The third part of our approach involves enhancing structure and motivation in the home. Scheduling homework, chores, and play is very helpful to the child with ADD. The more structured and specific this is, the better. Immediate rewards for specifically defined (how well and when done) performance are very effective. For the child with social skill difficulties, structuring of playtime with friends can be very helpful too.

Finally, in regards to our first point, ADD, with proper treatment can in most cases be corrected. As to stigma and labeling, results of testing and treatment performed in a private facility are confidential; rendering this problem eliminated entirely. Although medication is what is most often first suggested, there is a very successful alternative to this form of treatment.

One method of treatment is Neurofeedback, a non-drug, painless, side effect-free procedure in which the person learns to re-train the attention mechanisms of the brain, alleviating the condition. Once the treatment is complete, no further training is necessary.

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