“Back to School.…..Another Year of Problems for ADD Kids and their Parents?”

“Back to School.…..Another Year of Problems for ADD Kids and their Parents?”

For many parents, the end of summer and return to school is a busy time and one of promise, high expectations and delight in watching their children grow.  However, for some parents whose children may have, or are diagnosed with ADD, it is a return to disappointment, frustration, and constant struggle.

School, for the child with ADD, is an experience that usually tears them down rather than building them up.  Any one of, or the combination of inattention, impulsivity, and/or hyperactivity (symptoms of ADD) usually cause a child to feel that they are not very smart, or are bad people, and/or are unlikable.  The opposite is usually true.  Behind the academic struggles and/or misbehavior is usually a higher than average I.Q. and a very pleasant disposition.  However, the reality of the feedback the world (at least in part) gives them is the very negative, harmful self-image just mentioned.

On top of this, many children with ADD feel isolated.  This comes from isolation from peers due to accompanying poor social skills, behavior, and self-esteem.  Sadly, these children also are often silently, secretly isolating these feelings from their parents as they are afraid to bring them up for fear of further upsetting them.

Parents are subject to a barrage of complaints from school, disheartening parent-teacher conferences, poor report cards, and often strong resistance from the child himself.  Parents often struggle through tortuous homework sessions, undeserved guilt (ADD is not caused by parenting style, it is a mild neurological condition), and frustration, not to mention the occurrences of many of these same problems at home.

The chances are that you would not be reading this if you or someone you know was not living through this nightmare.  Often, attempts to remedy this situation fail or are unacceptable, and the parent gives up and accepts this as their child’s “lot”.  This is tragic.  In most cases this situation can be corrected, with the accompanying return to healthy family dynamics, and a healthy, happy, self-confident child, without the rigors and side effects of lifelong medication.

All three sub-types of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD); Inattentive, Hyperactive-Impulsive, and Combined, are neurological in basis, and can be corrected through a form of neurological re-training. Neurofeedback is an effective, drug-free, painless procedure in which the child learns to re-train the attention mechanisms of the brain, alleviating the condition.  Once training is completed, no further treatment is necessary.

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