Lightening the Load for Mothers of Attention Deficit Children – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

Lightening the Load for Mothers of Attention Deficit Children – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

Mothers (and fathers too) of children with ADD often carry a very heavy load. There are actually three loads involved here, let’s take a look at them.

First, there is the load she places on herself. Most mothers love their children so much, and the problem of ADD seems so unfair and hopeless, that in despair they often turn to blaming themselves (it is sad to think that this is often what their children do too). This can create a heavy sense of guilt, which is not only painful and counterproductive, it is also totally unwarranted. ADD is a neurological disorder, and is in no way caused by any aspect of parenting. Let’s lift that weight of their backs right now.

Second, is the misplaced burden of trying to correct or cope with the problem of ADD itself. Unless they are trained professionals in this field, there is no way they have the adequate abilities to handle this problem. This should only be placed in the hands of these professionals, although mom’s are often told to “handle it”. Let’s lift that burden right now too!

Finally, there is the significant, normal load of being a good mother. And that’s a load that most moms would gladly carry. Let’s leave that one right there in their very capable and loving hands.

The problem often gets so out of hand because it becomes compounded easily. The child’s home behavior may (depending on type of ADD) include, not listening, messiness, fighting, hyperactivity, endless homework, depression, anger, and frustration. At school, inattention, poor performance, uncompleted class work and/or behavior problems often result in pressure being directed at the parents, extra work being sent home, and low self-esteem in the child. This further increases family tension and the problem can tend to build on itself.

For most parents who see the problem (or those who resist seeing for fear of what they think are the consequences), there is the roadblock of an undesired medication solution.

However, this need not be the case. Attention Deficit Disorder’s symptoms (inattention, and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity, or a combination) are neurological in basis, and can be corrected through a type of neurological re-training. Neurofeedback is an effective, drug-free, painless procedure in which the child learns to re-train the attention mechanisms of the brain, alleviating the condition. Once training is completed, no further treatment is necessary

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