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Are Parental Guilt and A Child’s Struggle Necessary Costs of ADD? – By Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

A parent’s natural instinct is to protect their children from all of the dangers, inequities, and hardships of life. We know, however, that we too have our limitations and unfortunately cannot shield them from all that life hands out. This zeal can become misdirected, as our hearts often do not follow out minds. As we blame ourselves for failing to […]

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Girls With ADD, Different Consequences – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

There are three sub-types of Attention Deficit Disorder: primarily inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, and the combined form. Although the underlying neurology and (in most cases) symptoms are the same for both sexes, there are significant differences in the detection of the disorder and the consequences of its symptoms. The principal symptomatic difference is in the area of hyperactivity-impulsiviry. The stereotype for hyperactivity […]

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When ADD Kids have ADD Parents – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

I often hear parents complain, ” I think my child has ADD, they can’t concentrate or control themselves, and some times I think I might have it too, we have the same problem, and when they combine, things get worse and worse”.  Also often heard is ” I can’t do everything myself, and when my husband (or wife) gets home, […]

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A Fresh New Start In School For ADD Families – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

A Fresh New Year This has been the season of bells. Bells have been ringing to celebrate the Birth of Christ, Hanukah, and the start of an untarnished New Year. Bells are also ringing us back to school in a new year. Is it a return that you dread? If so, read on.   As with all things new, a […]

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Peace for Parents of ADD Children – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

I have written articles in the past that talked primarily about helping children who have ADD lead more successful, happy lives. In this article I would like to address the parents of children with ADD, and try to offer some suggestions on how they might make their lives more peaceful. The first thing I want to acknowledge and try to […]

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Misconceptions Regarding ADD and ADHD – Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari

ADD/ADHD is both an over-diagnosed and under-diagnosed disorder. As there are many factors that can affect a child’s academic performance, behavior, and ability to focus, it is important to try to clear up some of the misconceptions that are common in regard to this disorder. Attention Deficit Disorder Misconception #1 ADD/ADHD is not a real physiological disorder, its just something […]

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