Alternatives to Medication for ADHD

Alternatives to Medication for ADHD

Testing for Orange County ADHD Symptoms

If the problems your child is having at school with academics and/or behavior have not gone away by this point in the school year, and it is being suggested, or you see signs that it may be ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder), or you’re not happy with your child’s medication, then it is probably time to have your child properly tested for Orange county ADHD. Many parents will avoid having their child take an ADHD test, look at an ADD/ADHD symptoms checklist, or even consider the possibility of the disorder, because they wish to remain drug free, and fear the side effects and rigors of medication taken as an ADHD treatment . I have been in practice specializing in testing for and treating orange county ADHD symptoms for over 18 years, and I find this stumbling block to both tragic and unnecessary. There are alternatives to medication for treating ADHD, and in my experience it should be considered the very last alternative.  This conclusion is also found in a recent article by Jeff Gewert, “Medicating for ADHD, The Last Resort” ,  on

There are three main reasons why I consider medication to be the last alternative for treating orange county ADHD.  First and foremost, is the possibility of a host of unwanted side effects.  Children are especially vulnerable to these side effects,  should, ideally, be kept drug free, and  protected at all costs.   Secondly, as the medication is only effective while it is in the blood stream, there is the necessity of taking the medication for the rest the person’s life. Finally, there is the dangerous implied message that taking a substance (a pill, or otherwise) is a good thing to help someone get along better with others, or improve their performance at a task.

Treating Orange County ADHD

There are three alternatives to medication for the treatment of orange county ADHD. Counseling or therapy teaches a person to live with the disorder, but to my way of thinking, why live with the disorder when you can correct it. Behavior modification can be effective, however it relies on the person remembering the target behavior goals, which is difficult for individuals with ADHD, and its application can be difficult in some of the settings where it is most needed, i.e. playgrounds, or in the middle of a test or instruction period.

An Effective Drug Free Alternative

The third alternative is a very effective one, neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a drug and side effect free method of correcting the underlying causes of orange county ADHD, therefore ameliorating the disorder. Once the program is complete no further treatment is necessary (unlike life-long medication). In addition to this, the individual doesn’t now learn the dangerous message implied with pill taking, but rather, learns that through their own drug free efforts they can improve themselves.

An Effective Drug Free Life Script

This is a very good message for them to learn to be drug free, and at the same time, free from attention deficit symptoms and Orange County ADHD, indeed.

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