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Non-Drug ADD Treatment

There are many unwanted potential side-effects associated with the use of the medications used to treat these conditions. These medications can pose significant problems and risks for adults taking them.

Children, of all ages, are much more vulnerable to both the biological and psychological problems these drugs can cause. Any time these disorders can be corrected without running the risks and incurring the problems associated with these medications, it is very important to do so Call today to develop a personalized plan for child ADD treatment in Orange County.


Caring for the Whole Person

With many therapies the actual treatment and the problem, or part of the person being treated, are often the only concern of the treatment facility. However, we know that the disorder being treated usually has had an impact on how others have treated the individual. This has often caused the individual to develop feelings of being unappreciated, unliked, and/or seen as an unintelligent or person. We know that in addition to treating the brain, we need to re-nurture the person’s heart too. We make it a point to always treat the people we help with loving, affirming, and supporting care to restore the human heart to its proper function too.


Neurofeedback Orange County

We offer a form of treatment (Neurofeedback, EEG-Biofeedback) which is an effective, side effect free, non-drug alternative for the treatment of many disorders which are frequently thought to be treatable only through the use of medication. Common disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, ADHD), high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, Chronic Depression and Anxiety, and Sleep Disorders can be treated in a superior fashion through Neurofeedback without the need for medication. Once treatment is complete, no further training is necessary.


ADHD Symptoms & Family Dynamics

While the primary problems caused by the disorders we treat (ADHD, high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, Chronic Depression and Anxiety, and Sleep Disorders) are related to the individual, the typical disruption of harmonious family dynamics often equals or exceeds this in overall scope and impact. Once these orders are corrected, the family is allowed to return to its proper, enjoyable and thriving condition. Great results from the recognized Orange County ADHD expert.

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