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“Dear Doctor…”: Answers Regarding High Intelligence & Poor Academic Performance

“Both our son and our daughter are very intelligent. Yet, somehow, they struggle in school. It has been suggested that they may have ADHD. How can that be?” People who are close to individuals with ADHD will not find this question surprising at all. However, people who interact with these individuals, but don’t actually know them (often teachers and coaches) […]

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Two Types of Impulse Control Problems

As a psychologist specializing in treating ADHD with Neurofeedback [EEG-Biofeedback] for over 20 years, I’ve heard many questions regarding using Neurofeedback to treat this disorder. Here is one of the most frequent and important ones: “My son is having significant behavior problems at school and home. His teacher is calling me, he’s making bad decisions, and he doesn’t think before […]

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“Dear Doctor…”: Answers to Neurofeedback Questions

As a psychologist specializing in treating ADHD with Neurofeedback (EEG-Biofeedback) for over 19 years, I’ve heard many questions regarding using Neurofeedback to treat this disorder.  Here are some of the most frequent and important ones: 1.  “How does Neurofeedback work to treat ADHD?” The underlying cause of this common disorder is a relatively minor neurological imbalance. Medications introduce synthetic chemicals […]

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A New Start for the ADHD Child

As this is the start of a new year, it is a wonderful time for a new start for your child with ADHD.  We all can benefit from new beginnings, chances to start over… a fresh re-start.  When an opportunity to begin again, with new abilities and strengths, is granted to us, often a difficult, previously failure-stricken activity (school, for […]

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Early Treatment of ADHD Prevents Performance Deterioration

The severity of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) present in a person, unless treated, usually remains relatively stable throughout their lives.  However, to most people, the disorder appears to get worse as the years go by, especially while in school or advancing in a career.  The reason for this lies in three important factors: Number one, as each advancing school year […]

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Belief in and Hope for ADHD Children

The Importance of Parents to the ADHD Child The importance of the power of parents believing in their ADHD children cannot be understated.  Children not only derive their being from their parents, they also derive their belief in themselves from them too.  It is hard for them to filter out the false messages, prejudices, and misunderstandings that cloud and obstruct […]

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Back to School in Orange County… ADHD-Testing for and Treating Symptoms

-Dr. Stephen Ferrari There are so many nice things to do in the summertime in orange county, and it is so nice to be outdoors, that for many children getting back into the school routine can be difficult. However, by this time, that adjustment should be pretty well made. That is, of course, unless there is something else causing your […]

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A Short But Effective Summer Remedy for ADHD

Does any or all of this sound familiar to you? “My child is struggling in school… the teacher complains that they don’t complete their class work, can’t follow directions, and are frequently daydreaming. Their grades are below average, yet I know that they are intelligent. Homework takes forever, and is a constant battle. If this were not enough, they are […]

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The “End Game” at School- its importance for children with ADHD

If you have a child in your family who has, or you suspect may have ADHD (ADD), and they are not currently getting the proper help with the disorder, there is obviously a problem that needs to be fixed.  It could be that they are on medication and it is not solving all the problems, or that the side effects […]

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Difficulty at the Start of the New School Year?

For most parents, the new school year brings the feeling of accomplishment and pride of seeing their children grow and mature in aptitude, knowledge, and social skills. For some parents, however, it only brings long nights of homework, calls from the teacher, frustrated and discouraged children, and parenting fights about whose fault “all of this” is. There is also the […]

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