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Should ADHD Symptoms Be Corrected?

“My child is having significant problems in school and may be exhibiting signs of ADHD, but we’re not sure. My husband struggled in school, and he says it’s normal. Should we have her tested?” Parents of children suspected of having ADHD (inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, or combined forms) often deny even the possibility of testing, let alone treating the disorder. This denial […]

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“Dear Doctor…”: Parents’ Questions about ADHD

1.  “How can I tell if my child has ADHD?” There is a lot of misinformation and uninformed opinions about this disorder. Unfortunately, it often comes from people who are supposed to know. Most people think of ADHD in terms of its symptoms, as these are the most apparent to them. However, symptoms do not determine whether or not the […]

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Answers to Parents’ Questions about Homework

About this time of year, the amount of homework that schools assign starts to become pretty substantial. Furthermore, the homework becomes more and more dependent upon success at previous homework assignments. Therefore, for children who struggle with homework, the problems start to compound and become a major difficulty for the child, and the whole family (so much for quality family […]

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Answers about Children’s (and Parents’) Struggles for the New School Year

1.  “When is the best time to test for, and if needed, treat ADHD?” Whether you fear the renewal of previous problems with the new school year, or are seeing these problems for the first time, it’s probably best to give your child about two weeks to become accustomed to the teacher and classroom before determining if there is a […]

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“Dear Doctor…”: Frequency of Treatment Needed

As a psychologist specializing in treating ADHD with Neurofeedback (EEG-Biofeedback) for over 20 years, I’ve heard many questions regarding using Neurofeedback to treat this disorder.  Here are some of the most frequent and important ones: 1.  “I have heard different answers to the question of how many neurofeedback (biofeedback) sessions are needed to treat ADHD; can you clarify?” The primary […]

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Answers to Mothers’ Questions about ADHD

As a psychologist specializing in treating ADHD for over 19 years, I’ve heard many questions regarding this disorder.  here are some of the most frequent and important ones answered: 1.  “My child doesn’t have the hyperactivity part; do you have to be hyper to have ADHD?” No, there are actually three distinct forms of the disorder:  Primarily Inattentive, Hyperactive-Impulsive, and […]

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Early Treatment of ADHD Prevents Performance Deterioration

The severity of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) present in a person, unless treated, usually remains relatively stable throughout their lives.  However, to most people, the disorder appears to get worse as the years go by, especially while in school or advancing in a career.  The reason for this lies in three important factors: Number one, as each advancing school year […]

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“Won’t or Can’t” … with children

One of the paramount questions for successfully parenting children is whether a problem behavior is occurring because a child “won’t” or “can’t” perform the behavior properly. Answering this question correctly makes all the difference in the world as to whether you solve the problem behavior or not, and more importantly, whether you help or hinder your child. If your child […]

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Orange County ADHD On The Rise

The Rise of Orange County ADHD I have been blessed with the opportunity to help with Orange County ADHD symptoms in adults and children for over 18 years. While this is been a very rewarding thing to be able to do, I have seen, and continue to see, a very disturbing trend. That is, that the occurrence of Orange County […]

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A Four Week Summer Intensive Program for Children with Difficulties in School

Do any of these complaints sound familiar to you?  “My child is struggling in school… the teacher complains that they don’t complete their class work, can’t follow directions, and are frequently daydreaming.  Their grades are below average, yet I know that they are intelligent.  Homework takes forever, and is a constant battle.  If this were not enough, they are frequently […]

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