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Two Types of Impulse Control Problems

As a psychologist specializing in treating ADHD with Neurofeedback [EEG-Biofeedback] for over 20 years, I’ve heard many questions regarding using Neurofeedback to treat this disorder. Here is one of the most frequent and important ones: “My son is having significant behavior problems at school and home. His teacher is calling me, he’s making bad decisions, and he doesn’t think before […]

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“Dear Doctor…”: Parents’ Questions about ADHD

1.  “How can I tell if my child has ADHD?” There is a lot of misinformation and uninformed opinions about this disorder. Unfortunately, it often comes from people who are supposed to know. Most people think of ADHD in terms of its symptoms, as these are the most apparent to them. However, symptoms do not determine whether or not the […]

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