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Early Treatment of ADHD Prevents Performance Deterioration

The severity of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) present in a person, unless treated, usually remains relatively stable throughout their lives.  However, to most people, the disorder appears to get worse as the years go by, especially while in school or advancing in a career.  The reason for this lies in three important factors: Number one, as each advancing school year […]

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Trouble at the Start of the School Year?

For most parents, the new school year brings the pride and feeling of accomplishment of seeing their children grow and mature in aptitude, knowledge, and social skills.  For others, however, it only brings long nights of homework, calls from the teacher, frustrated and discouraged children, and parenting fights about whose fault “all of this” is.  There is also the pain […]

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Now is the Time to Treat ADHD

By now, most children have settled into their classroom routines and expectations (as well as they can), and teachers and parents are beginning to get a clear view of what each student is truly capable of.  Now is also the time that homework usually begins to pile up.  Since progression of the school year is cumulative, with success at each […]

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