Orange County Neurofeedback FAQ

Will neurofeedback change one’s personality?

No, neurofeedback does not change personality in any way. Neurofeedback simply corrects the imbalances, which underlie the disorders being treated.

Can everyone do neurofeedback? Are there any requirements?

Most people are good candidates for re-training these parts of the brain. Approximately 85% of the people with these disorders, through proper training, can bring about a correction. Testing and treatment can start at approximately the age of 5 years old. There are no upper limits to the age at which these disorders can not be ameliorated through neurofeedback training.

How does neurofeedback aid in these areas (ADD, AD/HD, ASD, Learning Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Depression, Peak Performance Training, etc.)?

Various imbalances in the brain underlie the various conditions that neurofeedback is successful in treating. Working with different parts of the brain enables one to correct these imbalances and disorders.

Is neurofeedback permanent?

Yes, these parts of the brain hold any adjustments they learn to make permanently. Individuals with ADD/ADHD, or any of the disorders noted on this website, and who are good candidates for treatment (as determined during an evaluation) will have permanent results, as long as they complete the training. There will be no need for further treatment.

Does it hurt, or is it uncomfortable?

No, neurofeedback is a safe, painless, non-invasive, drug-free treatment. It is not uncomfortable in any way. Most patients find it enjoyable and satisfying.



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